Society & Culture  & Entertainment: How to Airbrush on the Human Body

How to Airbrush on the Human Body

For those who love the look of tattoos but hate their permanance, airbrushing on the human body creates the same effect, although it can be washed off at any point in time. This artform uses the human body as a canvas for paint, rather than any other stationary material. This can be useful for costu

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Aztek Airbrush Tips

Aztek Airbrush Tips

Graffiti artists also use airbrushesgraffiti image by Gudellaphoto from Fotolia.comAztek is a company that produces airbrushes and airbrush accessories. Airbrushes are tools that paint ink and dye by nebulizing the ink into water vapor---somewhat like a can of spray paint but with a...