Health & Medical: Side Effects of Muscletech

Side Effects of Muscletech

Muscletech is a a nutritional supplement that is marketed toward athletes, weightlifters, and body building enthusiasts. Muscletech is designed to help its users increase muscle mass, overall body weight, and strength, along with providing extra energy for workouts. The ingredients in Muscletech are

Health & Medical: Fun Outdoor Exercises for Kids

Fun Outdoor Exercises for Kids

Exercise is important for people of all ages. Because kids are so active we may not believe they need to take time each day to exercise. This is not true, however, and it is important to instill good habits in children beginning at an early age. Kids don't have to use their parents workout tapes to

Health & Medical: Walnut Oil Benefits

Walnut Oil Benefits

walnutsbig and small walnuts on walnut leaves image by Maria Brzostowska from Fotolia.comWalnut oil is a mystery to most consumers, for a verity of reasons. Not only is it more expensive to buy, but it does not offer the same results when used in cooking. Walnut oil also has a short shelf...

Health & Medical: How to Benefit from Sage as an Herbal Home Remedy

How to Benefit from Sage as an Herbal Home Remedy

Sage is a popular culinary and medicinal herb, used in a variety of herbal remedies. The word Sage was derived from a Latin word, meaning to save or to heal. There are a number of medicinal benefits from sage.