Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Elements Used in Neon Signs

Elements Used in Neon Signs

In 1923, Earle C. Anthony bought the first commercial neon signs for his Los Angeles car dealership. Since then, neon signs have become one of the most prominent features of entire districts, like the Las Vegas Strip and Time Square in New York City. Neon signs are created using four elements in dif

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Hydrochloric Acid & Marble Experiment Methods

Hydrochloric Acid & Marble Experiment Methods

Like limestone, marble is composed of calcium carbonate -- and just like limestone, it reacts with hydrochloric acid to yield carbon dioxide gas and calcium chloride in solution. Although the progress of the reaction is more difficult to track than some other simpler experiments, the reaction betwee

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Glass Beadmaking Tools

Glass Beadmaking Tools

Eye beads can be made using glass working tools.prayer beads image by timur1970 from Fotolia.comMass-produced glass beads often are made using molds, but glass beads can be fashioned in various different ways. One of the best-known and most versatile methods is called lampworking, also...

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Definition of Infrared Light

Definition of Infrared Light

Although not visible, infrared light is vital to most living organisms on planet Earth. People experience infrared light when being warmed by the sun and using a remote control.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Chemicals Used to Preserve Aircraft

Chemicals Used to Preserve Aircraft

If you own a small plane or private jet, it's important to maintain it regularly so that not only does the engine work effectively, but the rest of the plane looks tip-top and continues to serve your needs. There are chemicals that you can use on the exterior and in the engine of your plane to prese

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: How to Calculate Net Position Delta

How to Calculate Net Position Delta

Physicists and mathematicians denote the net change in linear position of an object by the capital Greek letter delta followed by an "x." Another name for "delta x" is displacement. Displacement quantifies the difference in the starting and ending positions of a moving object. It is important to not

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: How Are Wind Speed & Wind Direction Detected?

How Are Wind Speed & Wind Direction Detected?

Detecting wind direction has been important since earliest times. Sailors relied upon the wind to fill their sails. Farmers relied upon it to predict the weather. Today's weather forecasters still use wind direction; the only difference is the sophistication of the detection devices.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Foam Core Headboard Instructions

Foam Core Headboard Instructions

Foam core is one of the simplest materials you can use to create a headboard. Not only is the foam core lightweight, but it cuts and joins together quickly and easily, so you can make a headboard in less than one hour. A foam core headboard attaches to the wall behind your bed, not to the rails of t

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: How To Build Wooden Propellers

How To Build Wooden Propellers

Building a wooden propeller is a great way to combine a passion for aviation with a hobby like wood carving or wood working. It is important to plan the design of your propeller before beginning. Study the design of different propellers before deciding how to maker your own. The steps below are base

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: What Are the Electrical Charges of DNA Molecules?

What Are the Electrical Charges of DNA Molecules?

Double-stranded DNA is the longest polymer that scientists have measured. DNA refers to the basic code contained within genes that affects how cells use protein. Scientists may use the double-stranded DNA to study the electric transport systems in single molecules. This will allow scientists to stru

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: The Invention of Sonar

The Invention of Sonar

Sonar is a method of detecting objects by the use of sound waves. Passive sonar simply entails listening to ambient noise in a location and identifying targets by the noise they make, while active sonar employs a pulse of sound and operators identify objects by reflected echoes or changes in the sou

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: How to Care for Seraphim Angels

How to Care for Seraphim Angels

Seraphim Angel figurines are beautiful and are a great addition to any figurine collection. This type of figurine tends to have delicate parts and must be handled with care. Keeping Seraphim Angel figurines clean is required to showcase the delicate features and beauty of this type of figurine. Prop

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: PVC Pipe Fittings That Twist onto Connectors

PVC Pipe Fittings That Twist onto Connectors

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe is installed throughout homes. Many of the PVC connections have fittings that glue into place, making a waterproof seal. Other connections can be accomplished with twist-on fittings. PVC pipe can connect to copper, cast iron or any other type of pipe if the correct fitt

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Tall Plants With Yellow Rat Tails & a Seed Head

Tall Plants With Yellow Rat Tails & a Seed Head

Though a number of plants may sport the rattail flowering habit also identified as a spike, spire, or racime, it can narrow down your identification efforts to also note the presence or absence of a seed head. In addition, knowing if the rattail is the seed head and the color of the buds, flowers an

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: How to Make Glass Cups

How to Make Glass Cups

Making glass cups allows you to express your creative style in an enjoyable and useful way. Cups have no rules and therefore can be any shape, design or form that you can dream up. You can create glass cups using various methods, although one of the most common uses the lampwork process. After you l

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Instructions for Wrapping Paracord

Instructions for Wrapping Paracord

Paracord features a very strong fibrous inner core covered with a woven nylon outer coating. You can use it for any number of things including securing outdoor shelters, tying things to your belt and making snares in emergency situations. It also provides an easy, slip-free handle to any wilderness

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: What Does Air Consist Of?

What Does Air Consist Of?

Air is a mixture of gases, consisting primarily of nitrogen and oxygen, with some trace gases as well. Although the term "air" refers to the gas mixture covering the surface of the Earth, this application results in an inconsistent meaning. Atmospheric air has a precise meaning, and variations among

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: The Origin of Exponents

The Origin of Exponents

Exponents indicate that a number should be multiplied by itself repeatedly and are used to shorten and clarify mathematical notation. As a result, if you wanted to multiple 10 by itself eight times, you could simply use an exponent to write 10 to the 8th power instead of 10x10x10x10x10x10x10x10. Exp

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Weird Inventions

Weird Inventions

Contrary to its inventors claims, using the Nappak will not result in much besides a pink slip.Sharon Dominick/Photodisc/Getty ImagesEveryday people often create items to make lives easier. Inventions build on something old or create something entirely new. Undoubtedly, some of the...