Health & Medical: Change or Transition? Self Improvement

Change or Transition?

Many religions and spiritual traditions tell us that the One, the Absolute, the Spirit is changeless. That everything comes from this one creative source. However, the body of the universe -all the things created out ...

Health & Medical: Shadow Boxing and Counter Commitment Self Improvement

Shadow Boxing and Counter Commitment

You are committed to what you are living out in your life right now. Both in its positive expression and its negative expression. This means that no matter what you say, and no matter how much you try to convince yourself OR anyone else out there that you are committed to being close to your partner

Health & Medical: Doll Smashing Self Improvement

Doll Smashing

I will never forget the day that I looked in the mirror and really saw the lady looking back at me. I was not thirty-five anymore. I was not forty-five anymore.

Health & Medical: Happiness is a Choice Self Improvement

Happiness is a Choice

Even though happiness might have different meanings for different people, we all want to be happy. There are few simple steps we can take to make us happier. Ultimately, we are responsible for our own happiness.

Health & Medical: Social Status Wars Self Improvement

Social Status Wars

All human interactions are governed by the continual adjustment of status. Status is the currency of human communication. Most people are constantly and unconsciously engaged in status wars and are hi